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Learn Spanish in Central America.
Discover a Region, Know a People, Immerse in a Community.
Live the Latin American Experience, Come to Mesoamerica.

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Our Language School
Located in the heart of Central America, Our Language School is based in Costa Rica and is part of a unique community and ecosystem.   We offer the opportunity to learn Spanish while living in one of Latin America's safest and most beautiful countries.

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The Institute for Central American Studies (ICAS) offers a range of programs and services, many of which are tailored to the particular needs and interests of our diverse student and client base.   Our Programs and Services are flexible while remaining structured.   This allows you to learn Spanish with a highly dedicated, professional staff of native Spanish-speaking teachers and to immerse yourself in a truly Latin American community.  In addition, ICAS has now begun a special educational program for community leaders (Liderazgo y Comunicación en Tiempos de Globalización ) led by Lic. Guillermo Barquero, a Costa Rican political scientist, who also teaches academic courses in our Study-Abroad Program.

maizofr.jpg (5455 bytes)    Our Journal
Take a look at Our Journal, Mesoamerica, that focuses on the realities of Central America and aims to improve understanding of the region.   Mesoamerica was published by ICAS from January 1982 to December 2007 (26 Volumes) with monthly coverage of human rights, economics, politics, current events and the environment in each Central American country.   Reports were written based on the perspective of the particular history of each country.  We now have available on-line the issues of Mesoamerica that were published from January 2001 thru December 2007.

 tucan copy.jpg (9063 bytes)     Our Translation Services
ICAS offers Translation Services to the public, whether academic, corporate or individual.  Our team of highly professional translators and editors can help you with the translation of any document from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.  Our work is of the highest quality and our rates are very competitive.

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Here you will find a General Overview of ICAS.   This is a summary statement about our institution and its programs and services.

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Use these Web Links to obtain more information about Costa Rica and Central America, and to view our recommendations regarding other available services, including travel to and from Costa Rica.

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Please Contact Us to find out more about Our Language School, Our Institute and Our Other Programs and Services. Your inquiries and feedback are important to us.  For that reason, we will take the time to read your comments and answer your questions.